What is this blog thing? Bumper sticker coupon code.

Ok I know, blogs are so 2005 but what else can we do to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest at sticker fart?  Maybe we should call it “what’s hot now” or “what are we up to” but for now I think I’ll just say blog.

Since this is our first blog post I would like to welcome you to the site.  Look around, be amused, be offended, and buy a sticker.  Now for the bumper sticker coupon code: for the month of April we are running a 25% off sale for any order over $10 with the promo code 25off0413.  We are also offering fast and free shipping with most orders shipping the same day and delivery in 1-3 business days (of course it could take longer depending on the USPS but we rarely run into that).

Go now, buy stickers!

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