Del Mar Gun Show

The gun show is over but the Del Mar Gun Show was fun to be at.  Thanks to all of our fans that came out to support us and welcome to the madness to all of our new fans.  At Sticker Fart we aim to have fun and poke fun at people when we can.  I think we underestimated the amount of people that would like more over the top stickers than we offer.  The funny thing about the Del Mar Gun Show is that our funny stickers went over better than the pro gun or political bumper stickers did.

That being said the Del Mar Gun Show is a family friendly show so we did not display some of our crazier stickers.  Luckily we did have our display rack on site with select words or phrases censored.  If you were old enough to be able to handle the joke you could guess by seeing shaving is for p____s.  We had several guys with full beards looking at that one.  I even got a pic of one to put here and on our facebook.  Don’t forget you can win free stickers just by uploading a picture of what you did with our stickers to our facebook.

As this event comes to a close we turn our attentions back to the beast of a traveling booth.  It is stripped down and ready for new paint, new lights, and some shag carpet.  Ok we probably won’t use shag carpet but you never know.  We need your help though!  We need a name for the new traveling booth – what should we call it?  What color should it be?  Send in your suggestions on the contact us page – if we use it you will win bragging rights… and some free stuff from

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